Menu Planning Monday

I was amazed to realize that I have not shared a menu plan since October 7th?? We have changed strategies a little this year, instead of a monthly menu plan we are doing a weekly plan. This added flexibility allows us to use up left-overs and arrange around special events. This weeks plan looks a little different as we are scheduled to go out to eat twice. Monday night is the annual Christmas parade uptown and Kendall is riding in it. Friday night is Lily’s birthday so she picked Chick A Filet for her meal. I have a school discount card that is buy one get one free for Arby’s roast beef and I have a $10 gift card to use on Friday. Between the two, I am budgeting $50 for both nights.

Breakfast- Saturday,-left-over breakfast from Friday dinner . Sunday,-Bagels. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday– Choice of breakfast burrito, omelet oatmeal, pancakes , pop tarts, cereal, French toast or toast.  This is the easiest meal of the day!

Lunch–Saturday-Lunch at Costco, brought most of the rostiere chicken home to use again. , Sunday-left-overs Friday both Matt and I will eat out, Kids have a mix of salads, soups and sandwiches. Matt has two days of salads, and I have one day. He will have sandwiched the other days and I will find the best left-overs.

Dinner – Saturday- Potato soup.  Sunday–Left-overs or sandwhich Monday-Arby’s Tuesday– Chicken enchaladias, I plan to use the rest of the chicken from Costco Wednesday–orange chicken and egg rolls. Thursday– Meatloaf muffins, mashed potatoes and corn bread. Friday- Chick A Filet.

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