What’s happening?

I would really like to write a how we are saving on Saturday post. So far our out of pocket has been minimal but I don’t know if it is going to last.

First problem, internet. Now to be honest, internet problems for a long time.  We actually received a $49 credit this past month because of recent troubles. While working at home on this week, I noticed that the internet would go out for around a minute at a time. Matt called and they sent out a tech on Friday.  He ended up replacing both the modem and wireless router.  The cost to us was only the time spent waiting on the tech and the lost of internet for around an hour.  I am really hopeful that this will fix the problem.

Second problem… much worse  of course.   Matt woke up around midnight last night and then again around 2am. The temperature inside the house seemed to be dropping. We plugged in our space heater and at 6am the temperature inside the house was 59. We called the person who installed our system 14 years ago. He provided awesome service, returning the call around 8 and was here around 11.  It was the thermostat.  Luck for us a quick and cheap repair.

As we are trying to stay warm, we notice another problem, the washer is not spinning properly and the clothes are really wet.  This is an ongoing problem, we have contacted a friend who is a repairman hoping for some advice to see if we should have repaired or replace. The washer is 12 years old and get used on a daily basis if not more than daily.

One positive that occurred today, I turned the stove on a self-cleaning cycle to add heat to the house.  While it was running, Matt and I ended up giving it the best cleaning it has had in several year. I jokingly said now watch it will be so clean that it will not work properly. So far so good it works great!

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