American Girl Bistro and Store

One of our special events included in our quick trip to Atlanta was a trip to the American Girl Store and Bistro. We actually ate deserts at the Bistro. Of course we left our dolls at the hotel but the Bistro had dolls and chairs to share.

Kendall purchased a dog for her doll along with a hat and hangers. Kendall was able to bring both the tea set for her dog and the borrowed doll home to have another tea party.

Lily purchased an outfit, cook book and apron/mit set for her doll. She said the chocolate flower pot was the best ever!

Kendall was the most happy and excited I have seen her in a long time.  She was in heaven, baby dolls, stuffed dog, tea party, ice cream and root beer.  Just enjoy the smile!

Thanksgiving Thoughts

There is no doubt in my mind how blessed we are as a society, a country, a family and even personally. I could list a million things that I am thankful for but does that make me any better of a person or blogger. I personally don’t think so. I know I am blessed and I need to use gratitude every day all day and not just one day a year. So instead of a list of things I am thankful for, I am going to tell you some special event and things that are happening in my life.

We are currently in Sandy Springs Georgia which is just outside of Atlanta. Both the older girls have work commitments so it is just Matt, myself and the not so little kids. We spent today with Matt’s sister, her family and Matt’s Dad. The kids had a truely special treat by going to “Legoland” with their two older cousins this morning. They really enjoyed it and I honestly could not be sure who had more fun the big or little kids. The rest of the day was spent enjoying conservation and tine with family that always loved not always close enough to share with.

I am also extremely grateful for a daily devotional given to me by my sister in law called “Daily Gratitude”. I can’t wait to start getting a daily reminder of who and why I am blessed.

The plans for tomorrow are very vague at this point but I do know that we have “Afternoon Tea ” schedule at the American Girl Bistrow, my girls are so excited and so am I.

Snow Village 2016

I finished in one and half days! I am thinking that the ladder may have speeded up the process especially with all the electric cords. I am so excited at how it turned out this year!

Picture overload!

The ladder!

The ladder!

opposite side or I like to call it the farm!

opposite side or I like to call it the farm!

Individual shelf of the farm. Lily LOVES the flamingo house and I am really amazed at how pretty it turned out.

Now some closer pictures of the ladder. Each level represents a different scene but together they make a mountain!




Saving on Saturday-11/12/16

This has been a day of beginning and ending for savings around my house. First I will share the beginning. We are planting fruit trees as part of our landscape. I ordered a set of six fruit trees of dwarf size to plant in the back yard. I specifically picked the dwarf size in order to use them as a bounder.  They don’t look like much now but hopefully in five year we will be able to harvest and enjoy some fresh fruit. In case you are wondering we chose two apples up front, followed by two pear, a cherry and peach tree.  The big debate is now do we add one or two more to complete the border.



So now we are at the ending, the weather has really started to feel fall like here. During the past week we have several nights that have gotten cold enough for a frost. Tonight, Saturday, the forecast is for a hard freeze. The girls and I went ahead and harvested all the remaining green peppers and tomatoes from our garden and pulled up most of the plants for the compost pile. I am hoping that the tomato will ripen in our window sill over the next week or so. The green pepper were chopped with some being frozen for soup and other left to use during the week.

I have been doing some shopping over the last week and will plan to share all my deals in the next couple of days.

Wordless Wednesday- Baseball

Playing the outfield

Playing the outfield

Up at bat……

Random cuteness


14440933_10210889707826588_7240606279327471076_n1 14355182_10210861481440946_1828718625242869908_n1

And finally, his biggest fans…. his sisters

Saving on Saturday- 5/7/2016

sosThis project actually took us two days to complete but mainly because we had lot of other things going on at the same time. One side of the “addition” has an area of 6 inches or so from the wall that we have been attempting to grow grass in for the past three years. Last year, we bought specific “shade” grass and it still did not work. So after so talk and planning we decided to make it a flower bed. We decided not to attempt to grow vegetables in this area because it is in the shade for the majority of the day and would have a huge expense associated with it attempting to buy dirt to make sure things could grow.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and head out to the local “plant sale” that is by the master gardeners in the area.  In the past, I have not arrived early enough to find as much as I have wanted. This year, I arrived at 7:50am for the sale that was scheduled to start at 8.  I did miss out of a couple of specific things I was looking for but was successful over all. I focused on purchasing plants that were known to grow in the shade. I purchased 6 different shade plants for a total of $18.  As I have been looking at the front flower bed which touches this new bed, I realized that at least one of the hosta plants was too close to other plants so I decided to dig it up. I was able to spread this one plant into 5 different sections which saved at least $20. I know this plants spread and grow very quickly so by next year they should be back to the right size. After coming home and going to Zach’s soccer game, we stopped at Lowes to purchase brick blocks to line the bed and some mulch. We ended up spending $100 total for this new bed. I am so pleased and excited about this huge accomplishment.

imageThis is an attempt to view the entire side.

image image image