Monday Menu Planning

We usually plan our menu by the month and most times we do the menu planning before going to the store. This Saturday morning we did just that menu plan for the month before heading to Costco.  At Costco, we decided to purchase both bagels and Hawaiian Rolls. I definitely did not want these to go to waste so our plan has officially changed twice. But this is life and the ultimate goal is for nothing to go to waste.  We are also eating out 3 separate times this week but with a gift card hopefully will still stay on budget.

Breakfast- Saturday- Pimento cheese and Bacon Biscuits, Sunday-Bagels Monday- Bagels  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- Choice of pop-tarts, breakfast burrito bowl, egg muffins, cereal, toast. eggos or grits.

Lunch-Saturday-Costco Sunday- Mexican restaurant  with friends . Kids have lunch packed including lunchables, uncrustables and wraps. My goal is to only eat out on Friday this week: salad, Chicken salad lettuce wraps, grab and go .

Dinner – Saturday-Leftovers  Sunday- bagels with choice of topping  , Monday-Baked Potatoes  Tuesday- Party pop up rolls aka Hawaiian Rolls with meat  , Wednesday- Shrimp fettuccine  alfredo , Thursday- Chick Filet . Friday-Pulled pork and carrots.