Monday Menu Planning

This week appears to be one of the busiest on record. Matt starts his new job which will add an additional 20 hours of scheduled work each week. Each of the kids has multiple evening activities with all 5 evening having at least 2 separate activities and some with three and more. We are continuing to plan on Sunday afternoons which also includes a trip to the building to grab the needed supplies.

Breakfast- Saturday,-breakfast burritos. Sunday,-Left-overs for the girls. Boys had men’s breakfast.. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday– Choice of breakfast burrito, omelet oatmeal, grits, pop tarts cereal, French toast or toast.  This is the easiest meal of the day!

Lunch–Saturday-Food at Community day , Sunday-left-overs Zach is taking lunchables for 2 days, a sandwich and pasta salad. Kendall is doing a mix of dipping days, sushi, uncrustable and a sandwich. My plan is to take pasta salad, 2 days of salad one day of leftovers. Matt is starting to need lunches as well so he has a salad, pasta salad and wraps.

Dinner – Saturday- Breakfast for dinner including bacon and hashbrown casserole.  Sunday–Left-overs or sandwhich We have finally made a dent in the left-overs! Monday-Potato soup from freezer (kids had an orthodontist appointment). Tuesday– Cheeseburger pizza. This is a heat and eat meal.  Wednesday–Chicken sandwiches and French fries. Thursday– Shepherd’s pie (another heat and eat) Friday- Sloppy joes and tator tots.