Menu Planning Monday

June 1st! I am excited because my work count down can officially begin! I have 10 days left till summer! In other good news, this week appears to be busier than we have been in several months! Piano, orthodontist appointments and baseball all added to the schedule! For this reason I am going quick and simple. I also have a recipe challenge post for later this week as well!

Breakfast– Saturday-Biscuit King (becoming Saturday morning tradition). Sunday-, bacon, eggs and biscuits. Monday- , Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-choice of breakfast muffins, eggs, sausage, pancakes,  cereal or grits, breakfast burritos or omlets have been added for the next couple of weeks.

Lunch-  Saturday-Outback to celebrate our anniversary. Sunday-Baked ziti and homemade strawberry coffee cake. The kids will have school delivered lunches, Matt has 2 days of chicken sandwiches and 2 days of hamburgers I am going to return to eating at least one salad a week and also continue with some left-overs on other days.

Dinner-  Saturday- left-overs Sunday-pizza purchased at Aldi (this will be a good repeat) , Monday- Chicken Ranch Casserole with green beans or other veggie or fruit from fridge (Lily in charge and new recipe). Tuesday- Mini chicken tacos Wednesday- left-overs. Thursday-Pork Fried Rice and egg rolls Friday- Hamburgers and FF.