July in Review

July the official shortest month of the year is now gone!  We spent a week at the beach and last week was probably the single busiest week of the summer with orthodontist appointments, appointments for mom and VBS every evening!  We start back to school in August so I am hopefully to enjoy some less busy weeks before school!

Groceries– budget amount is $650.   We spent a total of $693.49 I have completed my stock up. My goal is to only buy perishable items such as milk, bread, fruits and eggs until December.

Auto/ Gas / Insurance: . My goal is  $400 a month. $414.40. Gas prices are rising! This also includes our beach trip!

Cash Envelope system-  I am going to say No to this.  It is hard to use cash on vacation. Hopefully we will be back on track in August

Goal #4- Blogging- 15 post per month.  This is post number 9. Did I mention that last week was the busiest week of the summer.

Goal # 5- Fitness– Goal is to exercise of some type at least 10 days a month.  At least there is improvement this month. I managed 6 days of 30 minutes of exercise this month!

Goal #6 – Bible study- Goal-  Read or Listen to the entire Bible in a year. I have finished the bible podcast. On hold until school starts.

Earnings– Zero

No Spend Days-Zero. We are enjoying the summer with extra ice cream and other fun!

August should be interesting to say the least!