Monday Menu Post

Menu planning has been a life saver the past couple of hectic weeks. I have enjoyed pulling items from the freezer to bake and eat.  We are really starting to enjoy the benefits of the hard work this summer. I also am supper thankful to have a full freezer as we are starting to see shortage on some items especially food in our area. I am only purchasing diary and fresh fruits. My sister in law gifted us about 4 dozen eggs on Sunday, and has promised as many as we can eat for the near future. Eggs are going to appear alot.

Breakfast– Saturday-Eggs, grits, bacon and biscuits. Sunday- nutella baked oatmeal      Monday- , Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-choice of breakfast muffins, eggs, pop-tarts, sausage, oatmeal, cereal or grits, breakfast burritos, or omelets. I am working on eating at least one egg every day for the protein.

Lunch-  Saturday–Left-overs Sunday- Corn dogs from Sonic. We are all eating left-overs from the fridge for lunch this week. Zach is eating at school most of the time.

Dinner-  Saturday-Coaches .    Sunday-Potato and Kiebsa  Soup Monday- baked spaghetti  Tuesday- Salisbury steak, rice, green beans and rolls .  Wednesday- Cheese burger pizza Thursday- left-overs or make your own     Friday-Chicken fried rice.