August in Review

August is a very slow moving month around here. Not that we don’t have alot going on but it was 5 long weeks of anticipation for all the fun scheduled in September!

Groceries– budget amount is $200 NOT Met! $974.87 I did not include Amazon so I am going to realistically say we spent $1050 this month. Groceries are continuing to rise. My goal is to spend bare minimum the rest of the year, whatever that may look like.

Auto/ Gas. My goal is $400 a month. NOT met! $ 587. Uggh no explanation or ways to really reduce this.

Cash Envelope system- This worked well for us!

Blogging- 15 post per month. This is post number 17f or the month. I am going to guess that this is the first time EVER to post this often. Probably not going to happen again but hey once is good!

Exercise days- 2 days…….. I just want to feel well!

No Spend Days-Did not keep count again!